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Your baby falls asleep while nursing? Help is on the way!

baby falls asleep while nursing

One of many challenges that new moms face comes about when the baby falls asleep while nursing. This is quite common but a concern nevertheless.

When you think about it, there are already a lot of tasks to juggle in the early days of motherhood. You’re trying your best to maintain a routine for regular feedings. Aside from that, you’re also trying to get your newborn to latch on and to maintain the latch long enough for him or her to receive adequate nutrition.

And if the situation wasn’t already complex, you’re sleep deprived. You find it difficult to discern what to do.

So take heart. We’ll examine some tips to help you when your baby falls asleep while nursing. Also, we’ll discuss some of the reasons behind this as well as any effects on nutrition and weight gain so that you can decide which options are best for your baby.

Baby Shaking Head Side to Side – Should You Worry or Not?

baby shaking head side to side

New mothers watch for any potential behavior that is unusual or concerning from their baby. So many people are afraid of Autism or other developmental problems that anything out of the ordinary becomes an alarming occurrence. A baby shaking head side to side may seem like abnormal behavior that is disturbing, but in many cases, there is nothing to worry about.

If you do notice this action from your child, there are many things you need to know.

Baby Spitting Up Clear Liquid: What Do I Do About It?

baby spitting up clear liquid

Your baby spits up occasionally after a feeding. Or sometimes, this suddenly happens hours after a feeding. Either way, you worry somewhat because you want to make sure your baby is getting all of the proper nutrition that he or she needs.

So you wonder about the causes behind your baby spitting up clear liquid. Is this normal? Should you have to worry about inadequate weight gain?

In this article, we’ll look at what causes this regurgitation, how to deal with it, and when to contact your doctor if it gets to be problematic.

Have you ever wondered why baby sucks on fingers?

Baby sucks on fingers

Did you know that every little action and sound your baby makes has a meaning behind it? In other words, when your baby sucks on fingers, there are logical reasons why.You will find out the most common reasons why your baby sucks on fingers, when it might signal something is wrong, and what to do in that type of situation.

​Reasons why baby sucks on fingers—their own and yours

​The reasons why baby sucks on fingers relate to the wants and needs as well as to the stage of development. Babies who are just a few weeks to a few months old might start sucking on their fingers for the following reasons:

  • Hunger: This is more prevalent with newborns. When they get hungry, they start gnawing on fists and fingers before turning their head toward you when being held.
  • Comfort: Sucking on hands or fingers is natural instinct that’s connected with self-soothing. Plus sucking, in general, is a reflex reaction to outside stimuli as well as to hunger.

Why is my baby hitting head with hand? What should I do?

baby hitting head with hand

Just when you think you’re familiar with every single mannerism that your baby displays, he or she does something new. So now, you’re wondering about your baby hitting head with hand. Where did this come? Why? Is this cause for concern?

You will learn more about reasons behind this behavior and how to address it.

Reasons that relate to young babies

For young babies, about 3 to 4 months old, this simply means that they’ve discovered their hands. At the same time, they still haven’t gained much control over hand movement. So don’t be surprised if they unintentionally hit their own heads with a rattle or some other toy.

This might sound ridiculous, but considering that during the first weeks of life, a baby can see close objects more clearly, they take a while to catch on to the fact that they have hands. So they can go from staring at their hands, to lightly tapping their faces, to trying to grasp objects. It’s simply part of their development.