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Why is my baby hitting head with hand? What should I do?

baby hitting head with hand

Just when you think you’re familiar with every single mannerism that your baby displays, he or she does something new. So now, you’re wondering about your baby hitting head with hand. Where did this come? Why? Is this cause for concern?

You will learn more about reasons behind this behavior and how to address it.

Reasons that relate to young babies

For young babies, about 3 to 4 months old, this simply means that they’ve discovered their hands. At the same time, they still haven’t gained much control over hand movement. So don’t be surprised if they unintentionally hit their own heads with a rattle or some other toy.

This might sound ridiculous, but considering that during the first weeks of life, a baby can see close objects more clearly, they take a while to catch on to the fact that they have hands. So they can go from staring at their hands, to lightly tapping their faces, to trying to grasp objects. It’s simply part of their development.

Get the Truth: How do babies act when they know you’re pregnant?

how do babies act when they know your pregnant

You’re finally getting to the point of being accustomed to your new routine with your baby. Perhaps you’ve decided that there’s room for one more, or maybe you’ve received the most awesome surprise. (Definitely a surprise!) Either way, you might ask how do babies act when they know you’re pregnant.

This can be a challenge depending on the age of your older child. At nine months or younger, trying to explain to them that a new little brother or sister is on the way won’t have much of an effect. When they are two to three years old, communication is vital to how well they receive the new addition to the family.

How to make a baby sneeze for relief?

how to make a baby sneeze

There are fewer things that irritate a baby more than a stuffy nose. Think about it. Your poor little one still can’t blow the nose in order to clear out mucus. So in the meantime, you will need to learn how to make a baby sneeze.

Making your baby sneeze might sound a bit uncomfortable. However, this would bring much some needed relief and even prevent a minor cold from getting worse. After all, mucus build-up can lead to a sinus infection or worse yet, a chest cold that comes with coughing.

Necessary items to have in the nursery

When learning how to make a baby sneeze, you will need to have the following items close by:

Necessary items to have in the nursery
  • A small amount of spices, like coriander or pepper
  • Facial tissue
  • Saline drops
  • The family pet (if you actually have one)

Why is my baby waking up too early: Simple Solutions

baby waking up too early

Finally, after six weeks of reversing days and nights, you and your baby are sleeping longer. However, you now have a new issue to deal with: my baby waking up too early!

So rest assured (no pun intended) that this phase shall pass over time. It requires a lot of patience and flexibility. Nonetheless, there are ways to cope with the “new normal.” We’ll look at reasons why your baby wakes up at such an odd hour. Also, you will gain more of an understanding of your baby’s sleep cycles during the first few months. This will help with applying suggestions to this situation.

Finally, we’ll look at some possible sources of additional information to help answer the question of “why is my baby waking up too early?”

Best Advice for Parents when Newborn Won’t Sleep in Crib

newborn won't sleep in crib

Are you in the situation where you wonder why your newborn won’t sleep in crib?

At last, your much-anticipated bundle of joy has arrived. You already figured that your little one would get her days and nights mixed up. What you didn’t count was her immediate dislike for her crib.

So what’s a tired mom to do in this situation?

We’ll explore possible explanations why your newborn won’t sleep in crib. Then, we’ll look at the solutions, including some alternatives to using a crib…during the first few weeks, that is. Soon enough, you’ll be able to catch that much-needed snooze.