How To Avoid Getting Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, your body undergoes a lot of changes. One unpleasant change that you may notice is that your feet and ankles begin to swell. The severity of the swelling can range from mild to quite extreme, depending on the time of the day and what the weather is like outside. Swelling is generally worse later in the day and during periods of hot weather.

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Some Effective Time-Saving Hacks for New Moms

It’s no surprise that a baby’s need will always come first. Despite being so small, they demand an immense amount of attention. New parents, especially moms suffer the most.

The itty-bitty little piece of you will need constant care and supervision. And before you know can even take a break, the entire day will have gone by.

Many moms sacrifice more than just sleep just to make sure the baby is comfortable – even personal hygiene.

It’s smart to plan things ahead, make a to-do list, or create a routine which you can follow with ease. That being said, here are some easy and manageable time-saving hacks for a new mom.

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Baby Can’t keep Pacifier in Mouth: Do You Want to Learn Some Tricks?

It fell off again! Do you think that this cute dilemma will never end? I call it cute since even though my baby can’t keep a pacifier in mouth, I like to see her little lips work on trying to hold it.

Well, sometimes I know she spits it off deliberately, but all is well. At least, I prefer pacifiers than my baby sucking her fingers.

I had a hard time with this on my firstborn, but now that I know the tricks to keep that naughty pacifier in place, it’s no longer a big challenge for me. Since babies don’t know how to use their hands yet, you might need some of my old time tricks to help you out.

I promise it would be easy and fun.

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Baby Oxygen Levels Drop When Sleeping: How Dangerous Can It Be?

How terrifying it can be for a mom to find out that her baby’s oxygen level drops when sleeping. I can imagine how frantic one can get to see that happening. Unfortunately, this condition occurs in newborns especially to those who are born prematurely.

Oxygen level for infants is monitored and evaluated right after birth. Measurement of oxygen saturation is vital to know the health status of your baby’s respiratory, heart and circulatory system. Breathing irregularities could be a sign of this condition.

Find out what you need to do when this happens to your newborn.

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Tips for Drinking All the Water You Need While Pregnant

One of the worst things about pregnancy is the increased need to pass water. It can lead to a strong dislike for consuming liquids because it feels like every time you have a glass of water, it comes right out. Besides that, there is the fact that water doesn't have much taste to it. It's boring to drink glass after glass, yet most other beverages should be avoided because they could hurt the child.

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How Many Baby Blankets Do I Need for Each Kind?

Preparing for the coming of a newborn is fun and exciting but also exhausting and confusing at times. I needed help from friends who became moms before me. A little bit of advice from the experts taught me how many baby blankets I need for the first months. 

Soon you will find out that even natural and simple matters of having a child could be complicated for a new mother. Let us start with the basics.

Do you think you have enough for your need?

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