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My Newborn Farts a Lot! Is This a Scary Medical Warning?


I know it’s cute and funny when babies pass gas with that weird expression on the face. I just couldn’t get enough with it! But what does frequent farting says about an infant’s health?

When my newborn farts a lot, I knew there was something wrong especially when he cries along with it. I can’t help but worry about what’s behind the bad smell and the apparent pain that it brings.

Does your little one fart a lot too?

How to Transition Out of Swaddle? It’s Time to Let Go!

how to transition out of swaddle

Being firm as a parent may come out strong from your child’s point of view. But if we aren’t, it’s a never-ending struggle with your baby. Swaddling is a comfort zone for my baby. For her, it’s a sense of security, peace, and ease.

But when it’s time for a baby to move out from her cocoon, you would see signs of baby “breaking” out of swaddles. How to transition out of swaddle?

The strain of the transition could be difficult. It’s either you or your baby wins! So let’s find out ways on how to end up without much of a fuss.
Is it time?

Baby Stopped Rolling Over: What Shall I Do?

baby stopped rolling over

Babies are constantly a surprise, unpredictable, and are almost a mystery to me. I would know since I have five of them. When my baby stopped rolling over, I was freaked out!

All my kids started to roll over early until they learned to walk, except the youngest. Each of them is unique and special.

I worried a lot and asked questions. I thought there was something going on bad. But not all situations don’t need to be serious. That’s why I want to share my experience.

Are you with me?

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