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How Many Nursing Pads Do I Need to Prepare for a Day?

By Sarah Palmer / March 25, 2018

It’s time for shopping! You know that it’s due anytime and you can feel it. Your belly is now heavy, and you’ve got cramps all over. As you check the supply list, you’re still uncertain on the nursing pads. “How many nursing pads do I need?” First-time moms usually need help on this kind of stuff. […]


Are You Curious? The Benefits of Dry Breastfeeding

By Sarah Palmer / March 11, 2018

Many make dry breastfeeding a big deal. In fact, plenty of speculations are everywhere. I don’t mind; I do dry breastfeeding to my kids. Maybe some missed seeing the advantages it gives to both mother and baby. So, let me explain the benefits of dry breastfeeding and see how useful it is!


Proven Benefits of Essential Oils To Increase Milk Supply When Breastfeeding?

By Sarah Palmer / October 13, 2017

You recently discovered there is an increasing trend in the popularity of using essential oils to increase milk supply when breastfeeding. As an expecting Mom, you want to know why?A nurturing nature is typically innate to Mothers. A woman may be characteristically benevolent all her life, but we automatically become a different being when we […]


Can you overfeed a breastfed baby?

By Sarah Palmer / June 11, 2017

Can you overfeed a breastfed baby? This is an important question because naturally, you want to provide the best nourishment for your baby. However is it possible for him or her to have “too much of good thing” as the old adage goes? So we’ll look what usually works and what doesn’t with feeding. Most importantly, […]


Itchy Breast While Breastfeeding? The Reasons You Need to Know

By Sarah Palmer / May 27, 2017

After giving birth to your beautiful baby, get ready to experience a lot of firsts, such as breastfeeding! Your child won’t go straight to drinking milk formula but will be feeding off the milk you produce from your breast. It may be a bit painful at first, but you’ll get used to him sucking and […]


Can I take excedrin while breastfeeding?

By Sarah Palmer / April 24, 2017

Popping an Excedrin in response to your little one’s nonstop crying is a natural response, but is it a safe one? Taking Excedrin while nursing is a heavily debated topic among doctors and new mothers. While the risk of damage to your infant is low, there are dangers involved that should be addressed.


Why Has My Milk Flow Suddenly Lessened? How Can I Fix It?

By Sarah Palmer / April 6, 2017

A sudden drop in milk supply is worrying for any mother, especially one who prefers breastfeeding her baby to using formula. There are many reasons why you might unexpectedly slow down lactation, such as breast surgery/implants, less glandular tissue than average, health issues, hormonal imbalances, medications (including birth control), your baby struggling with suckling, and your […]