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My Newborn Farts a Lot! Is This a Scary Medical Warning?

By Sarah Palmer / March 3, 2018

I know it’s cute and funny when babies pass gas with that weird expression on the face. I just couldn’t get enough with it! But what does frequent farting says about an infant’s health? When my newborn farts a lot, I knew there was something wrong especially when he cries along with it. I can’t help […]


Baby Stopped Rolling Over: What Shall I Do?

By Sarah Palmer / December 9, 2017

Babies are constantly a surprise, unpredictable, and are almost a mystery to me. I would know since I have five of them. When my baby stopped rolling over, I was freaked out! All my kids started to roll over early until they learned to walk, except the youngest. Each of them is unique and special. I worried […]


Baby Shaking Head Side to Side – Should You Worry or Not?

By Sarah Palmer / September 2, 2017

New mothers watch for any potential behavior that is unusual or concerning from their baby. So many people are afraid of Autism or other developmental problems that anything out of the ordinary becomes an alarming occurrence. A baby shaking head side to side may seem like abnormal behavior that is disturbing, but in many cases, […]


Baby Spitting Up Clear Liquid: What Do I Do About It?

By Sarah Palmer / July 25, 2017

Your baby spits up occasionally after a feeding. Or sometimes, this suddenly happens hours after a feeding. Either way, you worry somewhat because you want to make sure your baby is getting all of the proper nutrition that he or she needs. So you wonder about the causes behind your baby spitting up clear liquid. Is […]


Have you ever wondered why baby sucks on fingers?

By Sarah Palmer / July 23, 2017

Did you know that every little action and sound your baby makes has a meaning behind it? In other words, when your baby sucks on fingers, there are logical reasons why. You will find out the most common reasons why your baby sucks on fingers, when it might signal something is wrong, and what to do […]


The Truth about Baby Sucking on Bottom Lip

By Sarah Palmer / May 31, 2017

What should you do when you see your baby sucking on bottom lip? Honestly, the best answer to this question is to get the camera because your baby’s facial expression during this activity is just priceless! However, you’re still wondering why your baby is sucking in this manner. Also, you ponder on whether or not the […]


The Truth About Baby Teeth Coming In Crooked

By Sarah Palmer / April 15, 2017

As your baby grows to become a toddler, he will begin to develop his physical looks and mental abilities. One of them would be his teeth. Every parent dreams of their child having the bright and full smile, complete with the healthy teeth. But there will be times you see some baby teeth coming in […]


Why Is My Baby Suddenly Refusing Their Bottle?

By Sarah Palmer / March 21, 2017

Your child suddenly refusing their bottle can result in a great deal of worry for new parents, especially when your child can’t yet tell you why. Although there’s no one single answer to this problem, a variety of solutions available are fairly simple in nature.