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How to Lose Weight on Mirena? The Truth Behind It

After giving birth to my second baby, I need to pause and give time to recover. Taking care of the kids and myself became my priority. I had the desire to make myself fit after pregnancy. When my doctor suggested using Mirena, I took my chances.

I knew that it’s one of the most useful methods of birth control choices. Besides, 5 years of birth control works best for me. I don’t need to worry about daily birth control pills. I knew about the stories on weight gain, but maybe not all cases are the same.

How to lose weight on Mirena? Is the weight gain true, or not?

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7 Tips to Prevent Breast Sagging After Pregnancy

After the weaning, I thought my breasts were empty, over-used and boring. I really see it as out of shape. What happened to my breasts? Did my baby take it all away?

Given a chance to go back in time, I would absolutely choose to become a mother again, no doubt about that. However, when I stare on this two sagging shells in the mirror, it makes me dream of how it was before.

Yet, it is no longer a dream. I have tried these tips to prevent my breasts from sagging after pregnancy. It works! Would you like to have it a try?

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How to Get Baby Oil Out of Hair? Simple Steps That Will Do the Trick

Dry hair? Baby oil is perfect for stubborn and dry hairs. It keeps my locks soft and shiny. However, getting rid of it is quite tough. Have you discovered the techniques on how to get baby oil out of hair?

I do use baby oil to my hair since I can remember. My mom used to tell me that it makes my curls grow fast. Whether it’s true or not, applying it has become my weekly habit.

Baby oil does not only makes my hair gorgeous, but it also saves me from spending money and effort from going to salons. So what do I do when it’s time for rinsing?

Removing the icky feeling out after using baby oil is just quick and easy. That is if you know how to do it.

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