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10 Effective Sleep Affirmations You Should Embrace

When it comes to positivity in life, a relaxed body, quiet mind and a loving heart are the driving force. The same things play a significant role in having a better sleep. The following affirmations cover a holistic approach to better sleep and what is shared is relatively easy to understand and practice.

Before everything else, it is essential that you declare that you are ready to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Having this book in your hands bears testimony to your readiness to embraces the secrets it shares. You should not have to struggle with sleep; in fact, it should be the opposite. Sleeping should be the avenue of releasing your struggles. By affirming your willingness to try what you have discovered, you will not fight to fall asleep but find it effortless and enjoyable to get some shut-eye.

The information shared is practical, rooted in wisdom and yet open to interpretation. You may have to read some of the affirmations thrice sparking new healing each time based on your season of life. The objective of it all is to help you release the struggle irrespective of your current life situations; that goal remains the same. The book imparts wisdom that set you on the right path to enjoy a mindful state of peace that promotes restful sleeping.

If you love a nightly reading when in bed, then this consider incorporating this book into your routine. Most of the affirmations read well in sequence, but you can also find something impactful by turning to random pages. However, you should have the following suggestions in mind if you are to realize the real power of these affirmations:

  1. Read and repeat one affirmation each night. Pick what resonates with you and move on to different message if what you choose doesn’t hit the ball home.
  2. Repeat the message for around 5 – 10 minutes taking the time to let it sink in.
  3. If possible, read the words out loud. But you can as well enjoy the message through a silent read as you repeat the affirmation.
  4. When done, place the book on your nightstand and then close your eyes as you meditate on the message to allow the affirmation reverberate in your spirit and mind. Reflect on what you loved about the message, be it a word or a sentence.
  5. Bring in a physical self-affirmation technique where you place your hands on your belly, face, or chest, or have one hand over the other; these are self-comforting mechanisms that help you internalize the message as you reflect on it with your eyes closed.
  6. While in that mindful state, embody the energy of the affirmation; speaking it aloud or silently within as you strive to experience it with high awareness and feeling. Try and go beyond the message as you focus on the imagery the affirmation elicits.
  7. If distracted by something or someone, look to the affirmation for solace. In doing this, you will turn every life’s fracas into a reason to experience the sincere sentiments of the assertion.
  8. Read and chant the message with conviction. Sincerity is essential if any of the affirmation is to work. Believe in the words you read and allow them to create room for personal exploration as you also strive to be receptive to the deep and energetic sentiments of the message.
  9. Be aware of any resistance that you may encounter, be it from self or external forces. Keep in mind that the affirmation by spark old, contradictory, or negative beliefs; know that these are not a sign of failure.
  10. Resistance to new things or situation is natural. That feeling of not being worthy and nothing seems to work can become mere thoughts. Be compassionate with yourself by allowing every new affirmation our read to grow and bear fruit within you.

All of the above and a Sleepy’s mattress can be a big help for a better sleep.

Practice more and more of these mindful affirmations, and you will be in a better position to fashion life to be what you want and discover peace of mind body and soul. By taking the affirmation to heart and embracing them, you will easily relax into your creative power and see how natural and effortless it can be to fall asleep.

The Use of Baby Oil on Face: Do You Know What Happens?

The mere mention of baby oil quickly associates our thoughts to a baby’s soft and smooth skin. It is no surprise when we adults start to use baby oil on the face too. Is it because of the delusion of the desire for youthful magic, or the fact that baby oil works?

It’s about time we know!

What is Baby Oil?

I’m sure that you’re familiar with baby oil. It’s the scented mineral oil that we commonly used for baby’s skin and hair. Its clear liquid contains alkanes and cycloalkanes.

The composition is strictly the same as the petroleum jelly you apply to your baby’s diaper rashes. I’ve observed the most famous brand for baby oils is Johnson and Johnson’s.

baby oils is Johnson and Johnson’s


A bottle of baby oil also contains Aloe Vera extract, vitamins, and honey. Some have shea and cocoa butter mixture in it. If I’m not mistaken, you have one kept somewhere too.

My favorite baby oil is “Mountain Falls“. It’s not only useful to babies but adults as well. Baby oil is cheap but effective and recommended for a skin product. 

The Use of Baby Oil on Face

Regardless of the point that it’s primarily for babies, adults have found plenty of ways to make baby oil convenient. Surprisingly, it’s now a part of our beauty routine and household supplies. I apply baby oil on the face for so many reasons.

Don’t be shocked when you find it more diverse when it comes to its effectiveness. 

  • checkAids in cleaning my face from cosmetics: Baby oil is best for removing stubborn makeup. Just put a few drops on a cotton ball and gently rub it on the surface of your face especially at the eyelids and lips.
  • checkTame Brows: Are you having a hard time taming your brows? Apply a small amount to your unruly eyebrows, and it will be easy for you to keep it in place as you please.
  • checkRelief for Eye Bags: Those huge eye bags are an embarrassment. Just mix a few drops of oil and warm water. Dip two cotton pads into it, squeeze out excess oil and place it on your eyes for a while. 

Here is a video showing you the proper way on how to apply baby oil on your face.

Benefits of Baby Oil on Face

After those simple applications that prove baby oil as useful on our face, we can’t help wonder why it was useful. What happens when we rub a few baby oil on our skin? What makes it a typical beauty product for all?

  • checkMoisturizerLike other mineral oil creams, baby oil provides extra moisture to your skin. It’s even more efficient than lotions. It protects and retains moisture in your skin. In doing so, it makes it smooth and soft.
  • checkVitamins and MineralsThe natural vitamins and minerals found in baby oils are beneficial to our skin. It’s a point that these nutrients speed up healing scratches, even our skin tones, and scars. 

The Danger of Using Baby Oil

Sun Damage

Although the use of baby oil is already a part of our beauty routine, I recommend that you limit the frequency of your application. Baby oil is a reflector. Hence, it draws sunlight and strengthens the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. The rays then infiltrate deeper into the skin and create a dark color.You may like the idea of tanned skin, but it often results in sunburn. Baby oil speeds up severe skin damage from burns. Refrain from using baby oil when you plan to go outdoors since it can’t protect your skin.

The Danger of Using Baby Oil

Acne Infection

Using too much baby oil may cause acne infection. The primary function of baby oil is to become a barrier to your skin to prevent loss of moisture. So it is essential to clean the face thoroughly before application to prevent dirt from being trapped inside. Without regular cleaning, this situation will cause infection and would be a start of acne breakouts. 

The Controversy behind Using Baby Oils

Apparently, with all the negative articles I’ve found, the use of baby oils have become a controversy. Many have expressed that this is harmful to the skin. I was skeptical. What happens to babies who use this then?

Concerned that all issues are real, I’ve tried to search deeper. After all, I applied baby oil to my babies, and I use it as well.

  • I’ve learned that baby oils do not cause cancer.The mineral oil that is present in baby oils is strictly regulated worldwide by the FDA for safe use. It’s incredibly refined and purified. No proof of mineral oils relates to cancer. Therefore, baby oil is harmless.
  • The use of baby oil does not prevent collagen and vitamins from being absorbed to the skin. No studies or proofs given to support this claim. Mineral oil used for baby oil products does not influence vitamin absorption at all. It does not cause dry skin or premature aging. In fact, collagen is too big to be absorbed to our skin.


If you’re still disturbed on adverse issues, you can always look for a healthy and safe choice of baby oils.

There are two kinds of baby oil. The mineral baby oil that I have mentioned and the natural baby oil. Although natural baby oils are costly than mineral, it always comes out worthy especially when it’s about health. Try, and you’ll discover that they work even better than mineral oils.

I suggest coconut oil as best to use for sensitive skin. 


Baby oil exists for a long time. For me, it’s useful in preserving the smoothness and softness of our skin like a baby. However, I understand that improper hygiene, excessive usage and incorrect way of application of this product may harm the texture of the skin.

Application of baby oil on the face will be useful if we adhere to the guidelines that go with it.


Tips for decreasing the appearance of stretch marks with natural remedies

Stretch marks are the price that so many women pay for bringing their bundles of joy into the world. If the words stretch marks bother you, then think of them as battle scars. You’ve earned them. Be proud of them. And now it’s time to get rid of them. I’ve put together some natural remedies for reducing the appearance of your battle scars.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant is one of top healing plants known to humankind. The inner sappy gel of the plant can be used to help heal and regenerate skin tissue. If you are fortunate enough to have an aloe vera plant in your home, then simply cut off a small section of a leaf. Don’t worry, as this will not hurt the plant. Then take the fresh inner gel and massage the gel right onto your skin that has the stretch marks. Leave the gel on for about 30 minutes before washing off with warm water. You can also buy aloe vera gel at almost any store that has a beauty or pharmacy section.

Almond Oil



Almond oil can do wonders for your stretch marks or any part of your skin that you want to make more supple and flexible. The oil contains vitamins E, A, F, B2, and P along with other powerful ingredients. The properties in almond oil can stimulate collagen formation thus improving the texture of your skin. Some people like to buy almond oil that is mixed with other products such as jojoba, wheat seeds, and shea butter along with fragrant essential oils such as lavender and geranium. Whether you choose to apply a mixture of almond oil or apply it alone, you can be assured that the anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties will be working to help lessen the effects of your stretch marks.

Cocoa Butter



The scent of cocoa butter is one of my favorite smells. To me, it brings back good childhood memories of days on the beach with my parents and family. If you’ve ever walked across a crowded beach or even a non-crowded beach, but still walked close enough to people, you may smell cocoa butter too. The reason is that many skin care products that people wear when they are in the sun have cocoa butter in them.The same qualities that cocoa butter has to protect the skin from the sun and heal sunburn, can also help to rejuvenate skin affected by stretch marks. Massage the cocoa butter directly into the skin and let it sit there as long as you’d like. Many people like to apply it before going to bed and then shower it off in the morning. The nice thing about cocoa butter is that you can also leave it on all day because it smells great and doesn’t have an oily effect.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

If you’ve ever tasted a lemon directly, you know that it is both sour and very acidic. That natural acidity is what can actually help to rejuvenate and heal your stretch marks. Lemon’s natural acidic property aids in stripping away dead and dying skin cells while providing moisture that helps hydrate the skin. A pleasant side effect of lemon is that it will leave a cool and soothing feeling on your skin. Lemons also contain alpha hydroxy that aids in stimulating collagen production, while exfoliating the skin at the same time.

Drink Enough Water

The average amount of water in the human body will range from 50-75%. Because we are mostly made up of water, it is important to keep your body well hydrated. Drinking enough water and eating enough water-rich foods such as fruit and vegetables, can help to keep your skin supple. Water also helps the body to perform natural restoration processes such as working on repairing damaged skin areas such as stretch marks.

Sweat Induced by Exercise

Sweat Induced by Exercise

Any daily exercise that makes you sweat can do wonders for your skin including your stretch marks. Your skin is the largest organ on your body. It functions to not only keep your blood and body parts safely inside of you, but it also is made to keep you cool. When you work out, you sweat as a natural cooling process that your body was created to do. That sweat also releases toxins and helps to purify and cleanse the body. In a nutshell, by letting your skin do its job and sweat, you are helping to fix those stretch mark areas in the process.

Egg Whites

Egg Whites

Disclaimer: I love eggs. In fact, I’m overly zealous when I talk about the nutritional properties contained in eggs. In addition to the nutritional properties contained in eggs raised by healthy and happy hens, eggs can also be beneficial when applied directly to your skin.

To apply eggs to your stretch marks, take only the eggs whites. Two egg whites work well. Whisk until soft peaks form. Then use a sponge, piece of clean material or your fingers to apply a thick layer of whipped egg whites to your stretch marks. Let dry completely and then once dry, rinse your skin with cold water. After this procedure, you may want to apply a coat of oil such as olive oil to your stretch mark area to keep it hydrated.

Final Thoughts

Stretch marks can take some time to heal. They probably will never go away completely, but you can greatly lessen the effects by doing some of the treatments I mentioned. There is nothing mentioned here that can hurt you unless you have an allergy to one of the ingredients. While you are trying to help reduce your stretch marks by practicing these tips, other parts of your body will also benefit. Especially with the drinking water, sweating, and exercising tips. I wish you the best in lessening the sight of your stretch marks.


How to Get Baby Oil Out of Hair? Simple Steps That Will Do the Trick

Dry hair? Baby oil is perfect for stubborn and dry hairs. It keeps my locks soft and shiny. However, getting rid of it is quite tough. Have you discovered the techniques on how to get baby oil out of hair?

I do use baby oil to my hair since I can remember. My mom used to tell me that it makes my curls grow fast. Whether it’s true or not, applying it has become my weekly habit.

Baby oil does not only makes my hair gorgeous, but it also saves me from spending money and effort from going to salons. So what do I do when it’s time for rinsing?

Removing the icky feeling out after using baby oil is just quick and easy. That is if you know how to do it.

Are you interested?


Quick NavigationHow to get baby Oil out of Hair? Things that you need:#1. Warm water#2. Glycerin Soap#3. Baby Shampoo#4. Lemon Juice#5. Dishwashing soap#6. Baby powder#7. Hair ConditionerStep by step instructions on how to get baby oil out of hair:Step 1- Application of baby shampooStep 2- Wash with dishwashing soap or glycerin soapStep 3- Rinsing with lemon juice

How to get baby Oil out of Hair? Things that you need:

#1. Warm water

Girl washing hair under shower

I use warm water when eliminating oil from my hair. Warm water opens the hair cuticle, thus draining the excess oil absorbed by the hair.

#2. Glycerin Soap


Yes, glycerin soap usually leaves our skin and hair greasy. You may say it would worsen the oily problem. Yet, glycerin blends well with other water-soluble ingredients. So, when I rinse my hair using water and glycerin soap, it bonds with the water easily, washing along the oil from the hair.

#3. Baby Shampoo

The baby shampoo comes first in my mind when it pertains to cleaning an oily hair. Since they are made for babies, it naturally has mild chemical ingredients. It would gently clean the hair with just minor reactions to oil.

#4. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is rich in citric acid

Lemon juice is rich in citric acid that serves as a natural cleaning agent. When I apply it to my oily hair, it eliminates the grease that was stuck to the strands and scalp. If you have apple cider vinegar, as an alternative, it will work for the same purpose too.

#5. Dishwashing soap

Remember washing the slimy part of the plates when using the dishwashing soap? You could do the same for your hair. Dishwashing soap also has the anti-agent that fights oil. But be reminded that using too much of it can damage your hair.

#6. Baby powder

The powder can absorb oil well. It makes rinsing easier. If you don’t have one at home, a good alternative is a cornstarch. It’s something different but it really is effective!

#7. Hair Conditioner

Hair Conditioner

To bring back the volume of my hair, applying conditioner at the end of the process is advisable.

Step by step instructions on how to get baby oil out of hair:

I have already mentioned to you the important things that you need in order to clear your hair from baby oil. Now, you are ready to do the simple steps. Take note that using in excess of any of these will cause harm to your hair.

Each item is effective in cleansing the hair from excessive oil. Nevertheless, applying only one or two would take longer to work. In my instructions, I have indicated the use of each one in the proper order.

Step 1– Application of baby shampoo

Don’t forget to use warm water.

  • checkWash your hair using the baby shampoo. Typically, baby oil brands have a corresponding shampoo along with it. If possible, use the same brands for more proficiency.
  • checkMake sure that the shampoo covers all from root to tip. Rub it gently to your hair allowing it to penetrate to the hair cuticle. Apply an additional amount of it if needed.
  • checkMassage your scalp too allowing the shampoo to clean the extra oil that’s trapped in the roots of the hair.
  • checkLet the shampoo linger longer than usual before rinsing it properly.

Application of baby shampoo

Step 2- Wash with dishwashing soap or glycerin soap

Now it’s the dishwashing soap to do the trick. As I have mentioned, this is a strong anti-agent so just a little bit of it is needed.

  • Rub a small amount of dishwashing soap to your hair. It bonds well with the oil. Like the application of baby shampoo, thoroughly wash all of your hair from root to tip.
  • Massage hair and scalp, let it stay for a few minutes and rinse. Get the towel, and let it dry.

Still, if you can’t take the idea of using dishwashing soap for your hair, glycerin soap is an excellent alternative. I recommend those that don’t have perfumes and dyes.

Step 3- Rinsing with lemon juice

When hair is dry, it’s ready for another rinsing using the lemon juice! You may feel that your hair is already slightly light and soft. But, let us continue removing the stubborn oil that’s left.

  • Depending on the amount that you need, mix lemon juice and water. Apply the mixture to your hair. The application method is the same as the shampoo. The ratio would depend on your hair’s length. Mine is shoulder length and I used ¼ cup of lemon juice blended with 1 cup water.
  • Apply it to your hair equally. The acidity of the lemon will get rid of the oil. At the same time, it will eradicate the odor of the dishwashing soap that you just used earlier.Too much lemon juice may damage your hair due to its level of acidity. If you don’t have time to get some lemon juice, apple cider vinegar always comes in handy. It is a perfect alternative to lemon juice.

Rinsing with lemon juice

Step 4- Bringing back the natural beauty of your hair

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the steps on how to get baby oil out of hair. Now that it’s already clean and oil-free, let’s do the final step to bring back its natural look.

  • Wash your hair using shampoo for the second time.
  • There is a chance that your hair will become dry after the use of lemon juice. Rinse and treat it with hair conditioner.
  • Use a clean towel when drying your hair. It will give you a chance to check for remaining excess oil.

When after all the steps are done and you still feel slightly icky, you can use your baby powder. Apply some to the area where you feel the stickiness. Do steps 1-4 again. This method will take time to be effective especially if you put too much oil in your hair.

Some Baby Tips

  • Only step one is applicable to your baby’s hair. Using dishwashing soap and lemon juice is too harsh for baby skin and hair.
  • I recommend hypoallergenic shampoo and powder for your baby.
  • Don’t let oil stay for long in your baby’s hair. Sticky hair traps dirt and may cause itchiness to her scalp. Itchiness may result to babies pulling their hair.

I have shared with you in detail the steps on how to get baby oil out of hair. Follow the easy steps for a quick solution to your oily hair problem. Remember, any excess usage of hair products brings harm to your locks!

Now, it’s your turn to share it with your friends!