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How Long Can You Expect to Survive With Peritoneal Mesothelioma?

Peritoneal mesothelioma is a type of mesothelioma that affects the abdomen. It’s the second most common form of mesothelioma, making up between 10% and 30% of cases.

Those who have been diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma, naturally, want to know what the prognosis is and how long people typically survive with the disease.

Let’s take a look at survival rates and what sufferers can do to increase their life expectancies.

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Essential Oils for Detox: The traditional way to cleanse our body

You have enough in DIY essential oils for body products and essential oils for wellness and remedies. Have you raised interest in expanding your knowledge about essential oils for detox? Eliminating toxins from our system could be a part of your routine. Therefore, you will not worry and feel guilty after indulging yourself with unhealthy food during special occasions. 

Make it a habit to ensure the repair of body cells and removing poisonous waste from our system. Naturally, it will help organs such as kidney, colon, skin, liver, and lymph to be healthy. Let me share with you ten of my favorite essential oils for detox. However, you must keep in mind using pure grade essential oils (Grade A) since it is the highest quality. The better the quality, the best is the result. 

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Essential Oils to Balance Hormones Recipe: A Natural Homemade Remedy

I know, right? I can feel you. 

Just a little bit of stress can trigger hormonal imbalance. Then you know how terrible it would be suffering from such. Even exposing yourself to toxic chemicals can trigger the condition. Hence, you have to get rid of some of those beauty items with toxic ingredients. You can make your own body products instead. 

Start searching for essential oils to balance hormones recipe and discover a natural remedy. Get rid of the mood swings, fatigue, bloating, hair loss, and even infertility before it starts! Who knows you can find relief by just doing it yourself at home? Discover the answers naturally. 

Learn the benefits of essential oils!

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Essential Oil Detox Water Recipe: A great way to boost your day!

As much as possible, you want your home to be toxic-free down from hand sanitizers to healthy sleeping. If that means finding a way to make your drinking water healthier, then learning the essential oil detox water recipe is a perfect start. Have you tried drinking one? This mixture of vinegar and essential oils with water and other ingredients makes it taste like flavored water. I usually do it ahead and chill for my family’s hydration.

Once your kids are familiar with the drink, they will ask for it naturally. Make it a part of your family’s daily routine. Start a day with essential oil detox water and make it a habit to drink whenever you need it!

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The Importance of Menstrual Health Education for You and Your Teen

Is your little girl about to become a teenager and you haven’t yet talked to her about menstruation? Every minute that goes by is precious, and you should not waste any more time. Preparing her for her first period is your duty. 

It is also very important for her physical and mental well-being and, why not, for your own piece of mind. Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t postpone your daughter’s menstrual health education any longer. 

3 Important Reasons Why You Should Prepare Your Daughter for Her First Menstruation As Soon As Possible 

1. Her First Period Could Start Any Day Now and She Needs to Be Prepared

Girls can have their first period anytime between 10 and 15 years of age. There is no fixed date, and each body is different. What if the bleeding starts when you are not around and she doesn’t know what’s going on and how to act?  

Some girls get scared and imagine that they are sick. Others do not even realize that they are bleeding and walk around their school with their clothes stained. There are also girls who get overwhelmed by the associated symptoms and can no longer cope with their routine. 

If you are still thinking of postponing the talk because you have a hard time explaining the details to your daughter, think how she would feel if she had to go through everything by herself, without knowing what is going on. Read some first period stories to better understand the difference in experience for educated and clueless girls. 

Wouldn’t she panic at the sight of blood? Wouldn’t she suffer if she walked around the school with her skirt or jeans stained and became the laugh of her colleagues? Wouldn’t you feel guilty for postponing something that you will have to explain anyway? You can prevent all that and get her ready with a simple talk. Don’t postpone it!

2. The Associated Symptoms Could Affect Your Daughter’s Performance

For some girls, it all happens out of the blue, with no pain or discomfort involved. For others, the first period brings about an avalanche of physical and emotional symptoms that can be difficult to put up with. Common examples include: 

  • Abdominal and/or pelvic pain and cramping

  • Lower back pain

  • Sore breasts

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue

  • Bloating 

  • Mood swings and irritability

Any of these symptoms could affect your daughter’s performance during a school exam, a sports practice or competition, or volunteering projects. If she knows about them in advance, she can prepare with painkillers, energy bars, and tampons. 

3. Lack of Menstrual Health Education Could Lead to Unwanted Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

For you, she is just a child. However, kids grow fast, they fall in love incredibly early, they like to experiment, and they are extremely vulnerable to peer pressure. It’s hard to accept but many girls are tricked into having sex at young ages. Some fall in love with the wrong guy, others are curious and want to try or have something to share with their friends. 

If you haven’t talked about menstruation, chances are you haven’t talked about unprotected sex either. One experience is enough for her to get pregnant or catch a disease. In 2017, nearly 200,000 babies were born to teenagers aged 15–19 years. Obviously, these stats do not take into account abortions and lost pregnancies. 

Moreover, 25% of sexually active teenage girls have a sexually transmitted disease. Sure, these diseases are not directly related to menstrual health education but proper and timely education could go a long way in preventing them. 

You hope it won’t happen to your daughter and to you, but why take chances when you can take measures and educate her? Don’t worry, it’s easier than it seems and no one can do it better than you, her own mother!

How to Approach Your Daughter’s Menstrual Health Education

Your daughter already knows that she is growing and her body is changing. She has probably noticed that her breasts are starting to grow or that her friends and colleagues are going through such changes. Now you have a chance to help her understand the process and its implications. 

It can’t be that hard to explain that the menstruation blood is actually the uterus lining supposed to shelter the egg and her body is dumping it when fertilization hasn’t occurred. You can blame it all on hormones, use different terms, or turn to some anatomy books. 

If handling the process yourself seems out of reach, there are other methods. You could pick up some teenagers magazines that cover the subject for her to read. You should be able to find an intuitive teenagers-friendly video on YouTube or a reliable website where she can find the information she needs. 

If she then has questions or doubts, she can discuss them with you. Just remember that any amount of menstrual health education is better than no education at all. How was your first period experience. What did you already know and what more did you wish to have known? Do everything you can to make her experience better, easier than yours!

She’s your baby, on her way to becoming a woman. You’ve already been in her shoes, and you have that powerful maternal instinct that beats science. Learn from your own experience and follow your instincts! They will help you prepare your daughter for what’s coming and teach her how to deal with it. After all, you know her better than anyone else, and you want what’s best for her.  

Dani Fogel. is a Communication Coordinator at Brandable, based in Los Angeles, CA. She works on the Queen V brand within the company’s Digital and Ecommerce department.


Essential Oils for ADD / ADHD that are Safe and Proven

Do you also have those times when you find it hard to focus even for a minute? I have. In fact, not just once, but in many instances, I experience specific difficulties to concentrate. High sugar level or an effect of improper diet may be the culprit. 

Maybe I have too much going on in my head. Whatever the reasons are, I struggle on finding a remedy to bring myself back to reality. It was a relief when I learned the benefits of essential oils. With the use of some useful blends, it brought back my days in order. 

Are you interested?

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Family Dentist: 6 Important Factors You Need to Look for

For me, when it is all about choosing professionals that will take care of my family, it is personal. I am always meticulous when it comes to deciding for my OB, Pediatrician, and family doctor. Besides, whomever, I choose to pick, will take care of my family’s dental health regularly. Hence, when it was the right time to look for our pediatric dentist, I started to do thorough research. 

Now, I am happy to see my children’s smiles after finding the dentist that gained my trust and the rest of the family. Do you want to learn how I found the best? Let me share with you the essential factors that you should know.

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5 Tips To Help Mums Get Precious Early Morning Me Time

I love having that half an hour of solitary shower time in the morning before the kids are awake. Also, if you are craving that too, getting up just that little bit earlier may be right for you. It is a perfect idea to spend some “me time” to start the day and this is especially beneficial when you are pregnant. Having a positive activity before I hit the busy schedule means, I have accomplished a lot in those quiet minutes of the morning. On the next few hours, I tend to feel a lot less energy to get things done. 

Waking up early does not mean I start on my daily chores right away. Sometimes I sit and listen to the morning radio with a book and a cup of tea. Some days it is catching up on emails, checking today's tasks, and organizing. Whatever it is I am doing, I make sure to rise earlier so I can get what I want to do, done. 

If you have a young baby and do not get to sleep the entire evening properly yet (do not worry, you will experience it as well), then I do not recommend doing this. If you like to stay up late but has had enough, and prefer to lie in, stick to what works for you. Nevertheless, if you want rising earlier and is finding ways of doing that, this article is the one for you. 

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Kids Dental Care: Seven Tips to Keep a Perfect Smile

Good hygiene starts with a good discipline that only you as a parent can teach your child. Dental care is one of your priorities when it comes to raising your kids. The earliest possible time that you can start the training, the better it would be. For me, finding the proper dental care that my little one will be comfortable with is the key.

Raising your child to be conscious with dental care means teaching the habit of correct hygiene, dentist visit, braces, and the like. Having perfect white, well-formed teeth and perfect white teeth boosts self-confidence and produces perfect smiles all the time. Do you know how to help your kids maintain their healthy teeth? That would be naturally easy!

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Five Tips on How to Prepare Your Child for Dental Appointment

The fear of seeing the dentist is the reasons why my little girl does not want to come to every dental appointment. It needs a lot of effort and creativity to bring her inside the clinic. When it is her turn, she breaks down and never let go of me. Do you have the same problem as mine?

I never knew exactly where my kid got the idea of pain when it comes to dental care, but I have a hunch that it came from friends chat and movies. Maybe, her first dental experience was not as lovely as it should be. However, if you only take the time to look for the best dental clinic that performs well with kids, then the whole situation may change.

Hence, what I learned from my experience may help you in dealing with yours. Here are five tips on how to prepare your child for a dental appointment:

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