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The Importance of Fitness for Mommies and Babies

Physical exercises have numerous good impacts on our overall health. It offers us a way to live better and saves us from being sick now and then. So, it is needed for almost all ages of people from baby to old. The types of exercises may vary from person to person and of course from age to age. To reap up the core benefit of physical exercises, you need to do it regularly. Otherwise, you may not receive the health advantages of physical exercises at all. So, do it consistently!

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I just ate and still hungry. Am I pregnant? How should I know?

It is not surprising when I think of pregnancy when my appetite seems to be in the mood to eat plenty. When I just ate and still hungry, am I pregnant? The craving for more food even after a meal is suspicious especially when I am hoping to conceive. Being hungry all the time may or may not be because you are pregnant.

Are you anxious to learn the truth behind this? Let us dig more about the relation between increase of appetite and pregnancy. Find out whether you are going to be a mom, or not!

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Heavy Feeling in Uterus after Ovulation: Do You Feel the Same?

Are you worried about this heavy feeling in the uterus after ovulation? The truth is you, and I is not alone in this condition. I have often wondered every time whether the uncomfortable condition is just one of that terrible premenstrual syndrome (PMS) that I dread every month or it may be a sign that I am pregnant. Honestly, it was confusing at first, but eventually, you will know which of the two causes is true.

To keep you from wondering on what you have missed, let us find out why this heavy feeling in uterus occurs after ovulation.

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How soon after taking iron supplements, will I feel better?

I took iron supplements when I was pregnant and need to continue doing so until now, after giving birth. Taking care of the newborn means sleepless nights, fatigue, and less appetite. All I ever want is to rest and get some “me” time and sleep.

Hence, it is inevitable to take iron supplements. How soon after taking iron supplements, will I feel better? I know you can relate since that is the usual question once one starts to swallow a pill, tablet, or liquid of iron. Do you know when it starts kicking in?

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