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Top 6 Causes Of Infertility In Female

As per Resolve, one out of eight couples finding it difficult to conceive or sustaining pregnancy.  Underlying infertility can be due to a man or a woman or both marking it hard to conceive a child. If some women get pregnant, they find it hard to maintain the pregnancy as well. So, all these problems come under infertility- female infertility Or male-related infertility.  

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Non-Medical Pain Relief During Labor that You Should Consider First

Is it fear? Or is it excitement? It should be a combination of both that makes you slightly anxious when your due date is near. The labor pains when delivering a baby is the challenge that moms would bear. It is just right to plan on how to lessen the labor discomforts. Drugs are ready if you want a painless experience. However, I suggest considering non-medical pain relief during labor first.

Would it be great to go through it all without relying on medicines?

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5 Useful Exercises to Help Get Rid of Back Pain during Pregnancy

Being pregnant is precious alright. But when the bump is getting bigger and heavier, it’s agony, especially when back pain attacks. It’s simply annoying. Seriously, it would hurt to get up, sit and even walk!

A big hug to my friend who taught me a technique. Let’s see if doing these exercises to help get rid of back pain during pregnancy will help you as it has worked for me. It’s simple, but it would make a big difference in how your body feels.

What causes back pain?

We expect certain discomforts during pregnancy. Our body tends to cope up with the changes a growing fetus brings. Back pains are one of the usual complaints. Sitting and standing for a long time will trigger the pain more.

  • The pelvis is spreading thus giving space to accommodate the growing fetus.
  • You gained an average of 30 pounds, particularly in your belly part. Additional wait strains to your back.
  • Changes in the center of gravity cause postural stress.  

Exercises to Help Get Rid of Back Pain during Pregnancy

Usually, back pains start during the second trimester. However, you don’t need to feel the hurt and be okay with it. Exercises can make you feel better. Some choose to do outdoor workouts, but you can also enjoy it at home.

Try this out!

Stand and Twist (If you don’t have a resistance tube, a 4-pound dumbbell can work well too)

  • While standing feet apart, place your left foot on the end of a resistance tube.
  • Grip the handle of the opposite end using both hands at chest level, extending both arms in front of you and rotate shoulders to the left side.
  • With both hands still on the firm grip, move it across towards the right side at shoulder level and body facing right.Go back to the first position and try it again ten times. Do the same using the right foot.  

Sit and Stretch

  • Sit comfortably with your legs crossed.Clasp your hands together and extend it upward.
  • Lean over to your left side and hold for a few seconds along with a deep breath.  
  • Exhale, and return to the center.Do the same to the right side.

Lifting Dumbbells

  • Standing with your feet astride, place your right foot before the left. With an 8-pound dumbbell in each grip, extend your arms to the sides.
  • Bend forward enough until the back starts to round. Go back to the first step and bend elbows coiling weights toward shoulder level.
  • Extend back arms to starting position and perform the steps again five times. Do the same sequence, with the left foot in front of right.

One leg squat

If you are having a hard time to balance with just one leg support, put your back against the wall for support.

  • Lift your left leg and place the ankle on top of the knee. Hold your ankle and massage it using your right hand.
  • Press your knee with your left hand and start to squat. Lower your squat to the limit.
  • Hold it for a few seconds feeling the stretch on your back and hip. Don’t overdo it. When there’s a pain, stop immediately. Do the moves three times alternately with right leg.

Squat and Twist

  • Squat down with your legs apart as far as possible. Thighs must be parallel to each other and feet facing the opposite sides.
  • Place hands on top of your thighs. Turn your shoulder to one side without bending your elbows. Don’t move your belly together with the shoulder. Hold it for thirty seconds.
  • Do this three times alternately with the other side.

Here is another fun exercise to relieve back pain. 

How do these moves help ease the pain?

  • It helps tone down and toughen the muscles to eliminate pain in the future. Leaning or bending can give a good lower back elasticity.
  • Arms stretching tightens your back and aids in avoiding injury during your pregnancy period. Exercise would be useful when you stretch the arms all the way in a straight position.

  • Stretching will lessen muscle contraction and reestablish spinal function that results in lesser muscle cramps.


Being pregnant is not just a challenge emotionally but also physically. The exercises to help get rid of back pain during pregnancy is a great help to make the day comfy. But do you know that you can prevent the throbbing from coming?

Yep, as early as the first three months, practice maintaining a straight posture and start doing short, relaxing walks and breathe fresh air. Stay away from stress and give yourself a good rest. You’ll be pregnant for months. Help yourself to enjoy it!

Is 45 Too Old to Have a Baby and be a Mom?

As I was waiting for my OB for my appointment, I cannot help but look at the rest of the expecting women on the line. I observed that most of them are in their twenties, lively and full of energy. No doubt that all have healthy pregnancies. Maybe it was I talking, with all the insecurity and anxiety of becoming a mom again at a later age.

Is 45 too old to have a baby?

Do you have an idea how a woman in her prime copes up with conceiving her first child, or like me, who got pregnant after my son turned eight last month? When exactly is it too late to conceive?

Age and Fertility

After stating my concerns to my OB, she chuckled and told me that fertility and age intertwine, but medicine only has statistics in general to show. Therefore, when someone like me shows up with a BFP, well, I am one of those who got a rare chance to have it. I learned that at the late twenties, women’s fertility starts to drop a bit. Then in the late thirties, it dramatically declines at a faster rate.

Hence, showing up for a prenatal examination at age 45, I managed to catch the 5% or less chance to win it. When you reach the late thirties that fertility falls at about 3% every year after and worsen to a 5-10% chance of getting pregnant during the ’40s. Although my current pregnancy is unexpected, still, I am amazed at how this little one in my womb managed to catch the last ride! However, what do you think are the risks?

Risks that You Should Know

I understand that with my age, the danger of a miscarriage is high. Complications, as the fetus develops, may arise as well. The risk there not only involves the baby in my womb but my health as the mother too. Per record, the rate of a miscarriage at this age of 40 and older is around 40-50%. Although the need to keep myself healthy does not guarantee that it will prevent the risk affecting my child, at least I can cope up with the strain that pregnancy brings and deliver the baby with lesser difficulty.

The fear of giving birth to a child that has chromosomal disabilities lingers. In fact, Down syndrome is also commonly associated with pre-menopausal pregnancy. Aside from that, the mother may experience preeclampsia, acquire gestational diabetes, and undergo C-Section. Hence, I would expect that as I go through with this pregnancy, more ultrasounds and laboratory tests may be required.

I have in mind that there may be a possibility that my egg already has some abnormalities, but no way shall I let myself be down with the complications that go with aging and late pregnancy. I know that with medical help, my blood pressure, sugar level, and some illness I can avoid with a good doctor and facilities.

Have You Thought About Your Partner?

As they say, “It takes two to do the Tango.” Having a baby concern me as not only a mother but also my partner as the father as well. Remember that his sperms are getting older too. Hence, my concern is not just my eggs, but also his sperms. However, men are physically able to father a child even at the age of 70 but sperms deteriorate in time.

In recent research, older men’s sperms are associated with genetic defects such as Down syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and schizophrenia. 

The Advantages of Becoming Parents at 45

Let us not focus on risks and complications alone. Being at a mature age, having a baby has advantages too.

  • You are already financially secure and experienced enough to face important decisions.
  • You are wiser and is mature enough to deal with difficult situations.
  • Family and friends are expected to be supportive and encouraging with the situation.

These reasons are just a few of why I personally do not believe that we need to set age on when a woman is too old to have a baby. Is 45 too old to have a baby? No, it is not! If you are physically able, financially equipped, and definitely mentally and emotionally ready to raise a child at 45, 50, or even older, then there is no way anyone can stop you.

Let me share with you this video of women voicing out their thoughts about this matter. They support what I want to explain as well.

Is getting pregnant at 45 naturally possible? The truth is, less likely. However, modern technology has something to do to make it a reality. If you got the money to support (because it is ridiculously so expensive), try checking out these fertility miracles.

  • IVF using a young donor’s egg
  • Freeze your egg when you are still young (in your twenties) and use it for IVF later
  • Genetic screening by analyzing the DNA of each embryo to address and identify abnormal number of chromosomes of an old woman’s egg. The said condition is the primary cause of miscarriages.


There you go! Is 45 too old to have a baby? It is only you and your doctor who can say so. If you are pregnant now at 45, celebrate. In fact, I celebrate with you. However, seek medical assistance that you need, ask support from your loved ones, take care of yourself, and be positive. 

Anything can happen. Embrace it!

How Many Acupuncture Sessions Do I Need to Get Pregnant?

I faint at the sight of needles. However, if pricking me with it many times can help so I can have a baby, then I will do it. I heard that acupuncture had become a favorite trend in women who are longing to become moms like me. How many acupuncture sessions do I need to get pregnant? 

I thought that acupuncture is just an alternative medicine for the relief of some minor pains and for relaxation. I did not know that besides those advantages, it aids in increasing fertility as well. Are you a believer in ancient alternative medicine?

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine. The process involves placing of thin disposable stainless steel needles in particular spots of your body. Experts say that these needles kindle the body’s energy stream through specific points. Specialists insert the needles to parts of your body depending on the purpose of why you chose acupuncture.

This ancient procedure is famous for its ability to offer relaxation and switches your whole body system to repair mode.

Is it true that acupuncture can increase your chance of getting pregnant?

There is actually no solid results from studies regarding this method. However, fertility doctors recommend acupuncture to couples who want to be parents. Logical reason behind is the capability of acupuncture to minimize the stress level of an individual. Stress hormones are one of the leading causes of a low level of fertility hormones such as progesterone.

Many women testify that they conceived within their acupuncture treatment timeframe. It is either they have gotten pregnant on their own, or acupuncture is effective; they cannot be certain. If we consider the theories that come from modern Eastern and Western acupuncture medicine specialists, it states that the ancient method improves the regulation of menstrual cycles, ovulation, and hormone levels.

Do you know that it helps in the increase of blood flow to the uterus, lessens morning sickness, and aids development of high-quality eggs and sperms as well? No wonder they say that acupuncture could be the reason of enhancing higher fertility rates.

When is the right time to start acupuncture fertility treatments?

I am surprised to know that I can begin my acupuncture sessions anytime I please. I learned that women could start treatments as soon as they want to conceive, or after a long period of waiting for the BFP. The ancient practice is even safe for women who are on their first trimester.

How many acupuncture sessions do I need to get pregnant?

I found out that I could not tell how many acupuncture sessions I need to get pregnant. However, they suggested that it is best to start the treatment three months before conceiving. Once or twice a week is a good start and often is the preference of many. I got various answers as well after asking friends who believe in this treatment. Some made it earlier than 6 months and others longer than that.

What happens if I suddenly get pregnant during the sessions?

It is consoling to know that acupuncture is safe and healthy for pregnant women. Therefore, finding out that you finally are on the way, it is not just good news, but an acceptance of a new life ahead as a mother. Do you know that nowadays, acupuncture is already a part of the healthy diet and lifestyle when you are expecting? 

There is no need to stop the sessions. In fact, continuing your sessions are highly recommended to keep you relaxed; it also lessens the feeling of nausea and can be a big relief for aches until the later part of the pregnancy.

How effective is acupuncture?

There might be different replies to this question because anyone is different from the rest. It may be true that the sessions are effective to you, but is exactly the opposite of others. Hence, the effects of acupuncture as moms would share varies in so many ways. It could work well for you but does not have any impact on some.

It sure feels great for me!

Do you know how it feels like during an acupuncture session?

Each session could last an average of one and a half hours. At least, that was how long it took me to finish my first session. The comfort of the private room helps in conquering my fears of needles. It was not bad at all, considering that I paid more than a hundred dollars for the experience.

I felt calm while resting even during the part when they were inserting the tiny needles. I was thankful that experts could insert the stainless steel needles gently so I cannot feel pain.


I have a regular date with my acupuncture session. I love the peaceful and relaxing vibes it brings during and after each process. It does not matter how many acupuncture sessions I get to get pregnant. I am positive it will happen one day. 

For you who want to try this soothing break, I suggest asking your doctor for a thorough medical evaluation before doing so. Nothing is safer than being proactive. Cheers!


11 Safe and Natural Pain Relievers When Pregnant

You can’t measure the joy of being a mom in any possible way. It’s a mother’s pride that can’t be taken by anyone. But along with the anticipation of the baby’s arrival, are the discomfort and pain during the pregnancy.

But don’t let the challenges give you stress. There are plenty of safe and natural pain relievers that can help when you’re pregnant. Don’t let your guards down but bring your hopes up. Expecting a baby is a journey after all.

Common Pregnancy Pains

I envy those women who undergo pregnancy with flying colors. For some, having that new life growing inside does not change their routine at all. In fact, they even look more radiant than before. But unfortunately for me, it was a struggle day by day.

If you have these pains, I recommend to look for safe and natural pain relievers since you’re pregnant.

1. Head Aches

Because of our raging hormones, these troublesome headaches tend to torment us often. Problems usually occur together with morning sickness.  It’s a good thing that pains like these are simple to manage.  However, for some, their agony is caused by migraines.

2. Back, Hip Pains and varicose veins

Majority of pregnant women feel back pains especially the baby is already heavy enough to cause strain at the back. Some can take it lightly. However, for those who have back pain before they conceived and for women who are overweight, this could be torture.

Varicose veins, on the other hand, give a throbbing pain in the legs. Hormonal change and pressure due to increasing weight affect poor blood circulation making it the reason of swollen veins. It usually goes back to normal after delivery.

3. Leg and foot cramps, swollen ankles, feet and fingers

It could be the toll of gained weight, certain conditions or vitamin insufficiency that causes cramps but sure it hurts so much you can scream. It usually occurs at night thus disturbing our sleep.

When pregnant, our body tends to hold more fluid than usual. Don’t be surprised to see your feet, ankles, and fingers to be swollen. While we were busy with our daily routine, the extra fluid accumulates in our feet and legs.

Though this situation is not alarming, it’s uncomfortable. I remember having a hard time putting on my slippers (since shoes don’t fit anymore.)  

4. Hemorrhoids

At the later part of the pregnancy, the increased blood flow and the pressure caused by the weight of the baby is what makes the hemorrhoids developed.

Safe and Natural Pain Relievers When Pregnant

With the desire for relief, seeking medical help or remedies are typical for a mother-to-be. Nevertheless, taking in medication may cause risk to the baby. It is essential to keep ourselves healthy.

You’ll be glad to know that there are lots of safe and natural remedies that are proven safe to anxious mothers. These ideas can guide you to manage your pain.

1. Massage Therapy

First, I need to remind you that pre-natal massage must be performed by a well-trained professional. Experts for this therapy can ease the pain that you feel at the back and hips. A good massage can help relieve stress and gives you a good sleep.

If you’re into this, make sure that the place has the appropriate table with hallowed areas and soft pads to accommodate your delicate body condition. A pillow for your bump is useful too.

If you’re fond of using balms during a massage, you might look for another option for the meantime. Otherwise, use it in minimal amount.

2. A warm foot bath before bedtime

Try this every night, and I guarantee, it soothes your swollen and tired feet after a long day. The warm, clean water eases the ache and gives you a refreshing feeling before sleeping. Try to add three drops of peppermint oil for a more relaxing therapy.

Warm water also works well with your swollen fingers. Please use peppermint oil discretely. Aromatherapists believe that excessive use of this essential oil is not right to pregnant women. If not, you can take a warm body bath, after a long tiring day.

3. Gradual and moderate exercise

We need to keep the blood flowing freely in our veins. A mild exercise can offer pain relief, especially to our legs and feet. Don’t strain yourself much and give yourself plenty of rest.

Avoid exercising on your back for long. It causes reduction of blood flow and can be harmful to the baby. Yoga and swimming are good examples of mild exercise. Make sure to consult your physician before attempting to practice it.

For foot exercise:

Just bend and stretch your foot up and down for a minute and rotate it alternately for the next minute. Do the same to the other foot. During cramps, you can pull your toes upward to get rid of the pain.

In fact, asking help from a physical therapist for a program exercise is a good idea!

4. Wear a maternity belt

You can buy this maternity belt at any mom-baby stores. This strap support the weight of your baby bump. Wear the support belt just below your abdomen to relieve the back from the pressure.

5. Don’t walk or stand for a long time.

Gaining weight in time takes a toll on our legs and feet that supports our upper body. Be kind to yourself and spend the time to rest and relax. Now you know why pregnant women are allowed to cut in the line at groceries or movies.

Allocate a time within the day to rest and raise your leg up a foot higher than your heart. Put it up for an hour and relax. A few cushions under may help hold it up. Sit straight and lie on firm pads.

6. Use the most comfortable footwear.

Never wear tight shoes. Imagine how difficult it would be to put it on when your feet are starting to swell. I tell you, you might end up in severe pain at the end of the day. While in this situation, it’s best to wear something comfy like flat sandals.

Please set aside your high heels.

7. Hydrate Yourself

It will be easier if you keep water within your reach for the entire day. Drinking a lot of water prevents discomforts like heartburn, dizziness and digestive problems, and cramps. Increase water intake on hot summer days.

A proper balance diet goes well in connection to this. Food rich in fiber, fresh fruits, and veggies is helpful not only for the baby but is also prevention for illnesses caused by poor diet. So, be conscious of what you eat.

8. Wear support leggings

Wear support leggings

Support leggings or stockings can help hold your leg muscles. It also helps from the pain of varicose veins.

9. Acupuncture

Now, if you’re open to traditional Chinese medicine, this treatment uses tiny needles to insert into our skin. The pins hit specific stimulation points in our body that causes the release of body energy for faster healing progress.

If you’re afraid of needles, you don’t need to worry. The process is as painless as it can be and is known to relieve back and hips pain. Acupuncture is safe during pregnancy.

10. Chiropractic Care

If you’re willing to go this far, a chiropractor can be available to get rid of back pains. The doctor is an expert to spine alignment. He is well trained in adjusting the spine and the nearby muscles to directly back to normal.

Aligned spine improves body healing, and the fit muscles are strong enough to pull out from the alignment. The treatment de-stresses our body, preparing it for the ongoing pregnancy changes until the time of delivery.

11. Heat

Using heat is old school, but we all know that this is the easiest, cheapest and most practical relief for pains. I have a heating pad at home and heated seats in the car. It is a comfortable relief for your lower back soreness.

Please be reminded not to use a heating pad for long. When we’re pregnant, we need to maintain a core temperature less than 102 degrees. I recommend 20 minutes per session and then take a break. Provide enough time for your body to cool down.

To be safe, read carefully the instructions found on your heating pad. There is a part there intended for pregnant women. Or else, you can just put heated water in a bottle or bag and use it as a hot compress.


Well, every pregnancy is unique. It’s quite fun to share experiences during group pre-natal meetings. Some may have less trouble adjusting, but a few needs assistance.

I don’t believe that being dependent on drugs as painkillers is not safe for my baby unless we’re in a critical condition. And it usually needs advise from my doctor if it comes to that. I find these 11 safe and natural pain relievers when pregnant helpful for a healthy pregnancy.

Just a few tips for mothers-to-be, our pains during pregnancy is only temporary. It is nothing compared to the joy our babies bring the first time we hold them. So hold on tight, drink your vitamins and eat your veggies…since your baby is all worth it!

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