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Non-Medical Pain Relief During Labor that You Should Consider First

Is it fear? Or is it excitement? It should be a combination of both that makes you slightly anxious when your due date is near. The labor pains when delivering a baby is the challenge that moms would bear. It is just right to plan on how to lessen the labor discomforts. Drugs are ready if you want a painless experience. However, I suggest considering non-medical pain relief during labor first.

Would it be great to go through it all without relying on medicines?

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Pregnancy Planning: 12 Things that Parents Do Right

Planning of pregnancy is something that often ends up overlooked. However, the preparation of pregnancy is an essential step on the way not only to aim for a healthy pregnancy but encourages a closer and happier relationship with your partner. Sadly, only a few realize the value of this decision. In reality, for some, pregnancy comes as a surprise!

Preparing for having a baby might eliminate many problems and difficulties throughout conception, pregnancy, and birth. A conscious approach to conceiving will also benefit your child even during adulthood. Make sure to consult professionals at the international IVF clinics to learn precisely how to plan your pregnancy.

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What causes dizziness in pregnancy and faintness during the third trimester? What are the Do’s and Don’ts?

The state of motherhood is one of the most important stages in a woman’s life. No matter how difficult it gets from the beginning and onwards, there is always this rewarding feeling upon seeing your child develop. Pregnancy is the jump-start of motherhood. The moment you find out that you conceived your darling angel, nothing else seems to matter besides your little bundle of joy.

However, there are sacrifices that you have to make. Changes in your body will occur, something that you are going to live through just for the safety of your baby above everything else. When I had my little girl, my body started to experience things it never has before. I started to crave things I did not want to eat, my emotions are all over the place, and my head was constantly spinning.

Do you want to know how I dealt with it? 

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5 Useful Exercises to Help Get Rid of Back Pain during Pregnancy

Being pregnant is precious alright. But when the bump is getting bigger and heavier, it’s agony, especially when back pain attacks. It’s simply annoying. Seriously, it would hurt to get up, sit and even walk!

A big hug to my friend who taught me a technique. Let’s see if doing these exercises to help get rid of back pain during pregnancy will help you as it has worked for me. It’s simple, but it would make a big difference in how your body feels.

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Is 45 Too Old to Have a Baby and be a Mom?

As I was waiting for my OB for my appointment, I cannot help but look at the rest of the expecting women on the line. I observed that most of them are in their twenties, lively and full of energy. No doubt that all have healthy pregnancies. Maybe it was I talking, with all the insecurity and anxiety of becoming a mom again at a later age.

Is 45 too old to have a baby?

Do you have an idea how a woman in her prime copes up with conceiving her first child, or like me, who got pregnant after my son turned eight last month? When exactly is it too late to conceive?

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How Many Acupuncture Sessions Do I Need to Get Pregnant?

I faint at the sight of needles. However, if pricking me with it many times can help so I can have a baby, then I will do it. I heard that acupuncture had become a favorite trend in women who are longing to become moms like me. How many acupuncture sessions do I need to get pregnant? 

I thought that acupuncture is just an alternative medicine for the relief of some minor pains and for relaxation. I did not know that besides those advantages, it aids in increasing fertility as well. Are you a believer in ancient alternative medicine?

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What Causes this Burning Sensation in Uterus During Early Pregnancy?

My first pregnancy was a phase filled with anxiety, excitement, confusions, and of course, questions. It could be because the experience is so new to me; I could not contain the surging emotions as well as thoughts within me. Every time I feel something new, I ponder endlessly and worry. When I felt a burning sensation in the uterus during early pregnancy, can you guess how anxious I have been?

You will agree as a mother that nothing more can make you apprehensive than the disturbing fear that something wrong might be happening to your child inside your belly. Hence, I want to talk about this sensation in the first trimester of pregnancy. Do you believe it is harmless?

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How to Plan a Baby Shower

If you have a friend or a loved one who is an expectant mom, taking on the role of hostess for their baby shower can be a great way to celebrate their new bundle of joy. Hosting a baby shower, however, requires careful planning to make it memorable and fun for all the guests.

During a baby shower, unless you’re planning to have a sit-down event, it’s best to go with easy-to-eat food. You can check out the options from companies like SnackNation for delicious but reasonably-priced treats.

Here are some of the top considerations that you should keep in mind when planning a baby shower:

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11 Safe and Natural Pain Relievers When Pregnant

You can't measure the joy of being a mom in any possible way. It’s a mother’s pride that can’t be taken by anyone. But along with the anticipation of the baby’s arrival, are the discomfort and pain during the pregnancy.

But don’t let the challenges give you stress. There are plenty of safe and natural pain relievers that can help when you’re pregnant. Don’t let your guards down but bring your hopes up. Expecting a baby is a journey after all.

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How to Pass the Glucose tolerance test during pregnancy without worries?

The question sounds so tricky. In reality, this test will tell you the truth whether you like it or not. How to pass glucose tolerance test during pregnancy? Passing is possible, but you must work hard to get the result that you want.

Having gestational diabetes when you are pregnant is no joke. The condition puts you and the baby in danger of health problems that may be long-term. There is no way that I will encourage you to find ways to pass the test when in all honesty you must not. However, I will guide you in taking this glucose tolerance test the right way.

Just because I care for you, and your baby, let us do this!

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