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5 Steps that Can Help You Take Care Of Your Scalp and Hair

Experiencing dry and rough hair and unhealthy scalp? You should look into how you are treating your scalp. Beneath your hair there is sensitive skin of your scalp that is usually ignored while grooming hair. If you want your hair to grow and stay healthy taking care of your scalp is necessary. Oiling and washing your hairs with drugstore shampoo is probably your hair care haul. However, the proper hair care routine is beyond these two steps.

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6 Natural Remedies for Colds and Flu That Works Like Magic!

What I dread most in the midst of my busy life is to catch a cold and flu that I couldn’t dismiss. If I’m ruthlessly sick, you’ll find a rotten me, begging for a rescue!

Do you know that you can find an immediate relief right from your own home? If I’ve known this before, I wouldn’t be that frantic for a common sickness. There are natural remedies for colds and flu that I found right in my kitchen. I was more than astonished for my discovery.

I was thankful! Won’t you?

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Benefits of Raspberry Leaf Tea: Brings Out the Best for You and Me!

I may say that raspberry leaf tea claims to have abundantly offered women proven benefits (source). Since most of the advantages pertain to women conditions, it fits merely to become a “woman’s herb.” The power of a raspberry leaf tea covers fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding and serves as a health booster.

But of course, the tea is not mainly for women. Everyone can reap its advantage too. It’s good for the heart, immune system, metabolism, and other health issues.

Ladies, are you ready to hear me out?

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