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Natural treatments and essential oils for trichotillomania (hair pulling)

If you have noticed that your child or a member of your family or friends pull at their hair and eyelashes they could actually be suffering from a medical condition known as Trichotillomania. Trichotillomania (sometimes known as ‘trich’) causes individuals to pull out their body hair (eyelashes, eyebrows, hair from the scalp, pubic hair or hair on other parts of their body).  While seemingly a bizarre condition, Trichotillomania actually affects around 4-6% of the population from around the world.  No one really knows the causes of trich, but it is thought that there are genetic foundations that are then triggered because of stress, trauma, hormones or the individual’s natural difficulty in managing stress. The condition is closely related to other similar body-focused issues such as dermatillomania (skin picking) and nail biting, and often the individual will also exhibit these behavior patterns.

Hair pulling and children

Hair pulling, and other related conditions, often arise in childhood, whether early childhood or as the child reaches puberty and goes through hormonal changes that can trigger Trichotillomania. While hair pulling affects more women than men later in life, in childhood there are an equal number of boys and girls that show symptoms. Often the condition disappears by itself, but if it gets rooted in the child’s behavior patterns it can become a lifelong condition. Therefore it is important that parents stay vigilant if they see their child pulling out their hair, eyelashes or eyebrows.

What to do if your child or loved one has trichotillomania

Firstly, do not make a big deal of it. Wait a few days and see if it’s just a passing phase. Most importantly, do not shame, ridicule or punish the child for pulling. Depending on their age you will need to explain clearly that the child actually has a medical condition, reiterate that it is not their fault and assure them that you are there to help and support them.

Secondly observe their behavior and try to identify when they pull.  Then work with the child to help them understand when they pull. Self-awareness is the first step to curing hair pulling, so you will need to be self-aware for them and then teach them how to be self-aware for themselves.

Then, if you feel that the behavior is starting to become rooted in their normal everyday life, reach out to a therapist. It t is very important to find a therapist that specializes in Trichotillomania. If you end up with a therapist that is not familiar with the condition it can have disastrous effects. Make sure to interview the therapist first to ascertain their experience with Trichotillomania and specifically Trichotillomania in children.

Finally put in place a serious of natural remedies and activities. There are many activities and methods to help children with self-awareness, meditation and journaling. These will be keys to the child’s success in tackling Trichotillomania.  Get them something that they can use as a substitute behavior. Giving them something to do instead of pulling is a key element of cognitive behavior therapy. Using a natural product, like a mixture of essential oils for Trichotillomania has the double effect of soothing and healing as well as giving the individual something to do instead of pull.

Natural treatments for Trichotillomania

While medication is an option, there are many natural methods for dealing with Trichotillomania that should be tried first. Doctors who do not understand hair pulling often prescribe medication. But medication does not treat the condition itself. Since the origins of Trichotillomania are not clear, a medicated response has little foundation and is often a failure. What does have the best results are a mixture of self-awareness exercises, behavior modification therapy and using natural ‘medicine’ such as essential oils and plant essences.

Essential oils for Trichotillomania

Essential oils and plant essences should also make up a part of any Trichotillomania treatment. Essential oils for Trichotillomania have healing properties that reduce urges and itchiness related to Trichotillomania, as well as properties that encourage circulation and hair growth. They are also effective aids in any behavior modification therapy by giving the individual an action (stroking on the oil) to replace the pulling. Combinations of essential oils for Trichotillomania that are known to have healing properties such as essential oils from the Mediterranean area (thyme, rosemary, lavender, basil, olive, citrus) are powerful agents for any Trichotillomania treatment. These oils have medicinal and antibacterial properties, stimulate circulation and soothe the areas. Each of the essential oils for trichotillomania has its own properties and strengths, so a combination of many is the most effective.

Be careful when purchasing essential oils; many add chemicals and dyes. Check the origin of any essential oils – all oils should be organic and not have any chemicals added.  A mixture of oils that are already mixed specifically for Trichotillomania, such as Trich Stop Oil, is a good choice as they are all-natural, child friendly, have the right oils and their proper dosage, have discreet packaging, and is an economic choice since you don’t have to purchase lots of different oils. In addition these solutions are also accompanied by manuals and exercise books which show you how to use the oils and give other methods in order to get the most out of a home-based, all natural Trichotillomania treatment.

Support for your child that suffers from Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania treatment can be a long process. Explain that to your child, as well as what the condition is and show them that you will be there through thick and thin to support them. Keep the lines of communication open and encourage them to be kind to themselves. Join associations and connect with others who suffer from Trichotillomania so your child will see that he or she is not alone, nor crazy. Most importantly keep a positive and honest outlook and give them hope that it is possible for them to get control of their hair pulling.

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Benefits of Raspberry Leaf Tea: Brings Out the Best for You and Me!

I may say that raspberry leaf tea claims to have abundantly offered women proven benefits (source). Since most of the advantages pertain to women conditions, it fits merely to become a “woman’s herb.” The power of a raspberry leaf tea covers fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding and serves as a health booster.

But of course, the tea is not mainly for women. Everyone can reap its advantage too. It’s good for the heart, immune system, metabolism, and other health issues.

Ladies, are you ready to hear me out?

Benefits of Raspberry Leaf Tea

1. Health Benefits

It shows that the tea is not solely for women. In the entirety, it is also best for some who suffers from flu, cold, indigestion, eczema, psoriasis, high blood pressure and even inflammation.How is this possible? The tea boasts with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and alkaloids that contribute on making the drink powerful enough to boost your immune system.

Health Benefits

2. ​Fertility

If you’re excited to conceive, raspberry leaf tree is right for you. But take note, this applies to men too!

  • If you drink it regularly, it clears the toxins from your body that causes failure to be pregnant.
  • checkAside from that, it toughens the uterine wall. Strong uterine walls prevent miscarriages.
  • checkIt prevents hormonal imbalance. 

3. Pregnancy

Fragine, the alkaloid found in the raspberry leaf tea is said to be the reason why it has many benefits for pregnant women.

  • The tea can stimulate contraction during labor and ease childbirth.
  • checkShortens the labor and lessens the time of pain. Credits to the tea that can tone and make pelvic muscles strong.
  • checkThe tea prevents rapture of uterine walls. The tea makes the wall tough and all the round ligaments of the uterus. So, this is useful to women who want vaginal delivery after a CS procedure beforehand.

When is the right time to drink the raspberry leaf tea? 

To give time for the uterine walls to strengthen, pregnant women at least drink the tea a month before expected due date. It indicates that drinking it too early might cause miscarriage since it can encourage uterine contractions.

tea is needed to induce labor

What is the right amount of tea is needed to induce labor?

Upon my research, an average of 2-3 cups a day should be enough dosage. Remember to start drinking a month before your expected delivery day. I suggest to take it gradually, making sure your system does not have an adverse reaction to it.

4. Benefits after Giving Birth

Postpartum is crucial for every mother. Although a majority of the doctors agree that it’s safe to drink while nursing, I would suggest that you still inform yours before deciding to consume the tea.

  • Reduces the chance of postpartum bleeding.
  • checkUpsurges production of milk supply.
  • checkNormalizes hormonal level thus preventing the danger of postpartum depression.

5. Female Health

For those young ladies out there and women who have been through menopause, the raspberry leaf tea also has advantages that you can enjoy. The high content of vitamins and minerals helps balance hormones.

Elevates the indications of:

  • PMS
  • checkEndometriosis
  • checkMenopause

6. Skin Care and Weight Loss

Beauty conscious as girls can be, the benefits of raspberry leaf tea are not limited to the medical area. It also states that it is a favorite product for skin care and weight loss.

  • Due to the high content of vitamins, it hastens the healing period for skin irritations. You can even apply the tea topically.
  • checkAs I’ve mentioned, the tea improves body metabolism. If you’re aiming for a weight loss, consuming this tea may help. The tea itself is low in calorie but makes you feel full for a longer time after.

Now that you are aware of the significant benefits of raspberry leaf tea, I know that the next on your mind is how to make and brew the flavored berry drink. 

After all the details, are you still doubting whether you can drink it or not? How would you know if it’s the right tea for you? The truth is, I’m mainly giving focus to the benefits for women. However, the benefits of raspberry leaf tea cover everyone.

The tea is safe to be taken by seniors and even children. Making it a habit to be added as part of your diet is healthy. It tastes good, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy the drink.

It is caffeine free, but I tell you, it can also boost our energy. So drink it up. It does not matter whether it’s hot or cold, it still tastes great.

Where to buy raspberry leaf tea? Check this out!

Side Effects

Please be guided that drinking raspberry leaf tea is not advisable for women who have experienced complications during pregnancy and labor previously. Taking it may make complicate your situation.

Here are some conditions that you need to remember:

  • Overdue birth- muscular contractions may stress the baby.
  • checkSpotting/Bleeding- this fragile situation can complicate with the use of the tea.
  • checkCesareans- the tea can strengthen uterine walls, but previous CS procedure may leave your uterine wall still weak. 


It’s great to know that the benefits of raspberry leaf tea have most of its advantages to women like us. The pain that we endure during PMS, pregnancy, and labor are sometimes extreme. That’s why I am always thankful when good news likes this happens.

Are you convinced on its healing powers? There is just one way to know. Try it!