Postnatal Care: How to Bring Back the Pretty You?

Postnatal Care

Did you just give birth to the most adorable baby? Giving birth is strenuous and overwhelming. It is a mixture of happiness and excitement!

From now on, a lot will change. New routines, diet, environment and even your sleeping hours will be a challenge. It is essential to focus on the time you need to spend with your newborn. Are you anxious about it?

I have prepared a postnatal care guide to help you back into shape and bring back the pretty you. Be ready for new mom tips, practical advice, and useful tricks.

Welcome to the club!

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6 Tips For Pregnant Women To Stay Safe While Running

Running While Pregnant

Are you one of those people who just love a good workout? In case that you are a girl, there might be a time when you won’t be able to get to the gym and start your favorite workout routine. When I was child bearing for the first time, this was hard for me. My pregnancy was great; I had so much energy that I have decided to go for jogging. Therefore, here are my rules on what you must pay attention to, to stay fit and safe while pregnant.

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Get the Best Baby Thermometer: Accuracy is Safety!

best baby thermometer

A fever is a sign of various medical conditions. You don’t need to be a geek mom to know when the baby needs you.

However, just placing your palm on the baby’s forehead is not enough to determine the temperature. As a mom, I need more accuracy.

It’s a good thing we have medical tools to use when it comes to common baby health conditions at home. The best baby thermometer is your handy tool to monitor the baby’s fever.

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How to Transition Out of Swaddle? It’s Time to Let Go!

By Sarah Palmer / December 29, 2017
how to transition out of swaddle

Being firm as a parent may come out strong from your child’s point of view. But if we aren’t, it’s a never-ending struggle with your baby. Swaddling is a comfort zone for my baby. For her, it’s a sense of security, peace, and ease.

But when it’s time for a baby to move out from her cocoon, you would see signs of baby “breaking” out of swaddles. How to transition out of swaddle?

The strain of the transition could be difficult. It’s either you or your baby wins! So let’s find out ways on how to end up without much of a fuss.
Is it time?

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Best Organic Baby Formula: The Top 5 in the Market

best organic baby formula

It’s true that when it comes to our children, we never stop wishing to give them the best that we can afford. And when we start longing for it, there’s no turning back!

I have spent time and effort looking for the best organic formula for my baby. Reading, comparing and searching for the milk that will replace my own. As a mom, I must give out all I can to make him healthy.

As a working parent, my baby needs a milk that can supply the nutrients that my breast milk offers. If not comparable, then at least the closest. That’s when I came up with my top 5 list.

If you’re like me who is a working mom but wants to provide the best nutrition without overfeeding the baby while I’m away, check out this review. 

I am positive this will help you like it did to me!

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Baby Stopped Rolling Over: What Shall I Do?

baby stopped rolling over

Babies are constantly a surprise, unpredictable, and are almost a mystery to me. I would know since I have five of them. When my baby stopped rolling over, I was freaked out!

All my kids started to roll over early until they learned to walk, except the youngest. Each of them is unique and special.

I worried a lot and asked questions. I thought there was something going on bad. But not all situations don’t need to be serious. That’s why I want to share my experience.

Are you with me?

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Best Soap for Feminine Hygiene 2018: Know How to Stay Beautiful!

best soap for feminine hygiene

I am proud to say that women are indeed versatile. Yet, amidst the diversity of our daily lives and in between the multitasking, one priority always stands out.


Check out this Best Soap for Feminine Hygiene and discover what is new to keep our beauty to stay fresh even on the go. That’s right, first priorities first, ladies!

Before the showcase, let me stress out some critical facts that we need to keep in mind.

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